4front Interiors Brick Tile Floor Restoration


4front Interiors Brick Tile Floor Restoration

Recently we carried out a tile restoration for 4front interiors. As you can see in the pictures below the tiles had scuffs, marks and a build up of dirt on them The quality of these tiles were still there, they just needed a bit of TLC. 

When cleaning anything stone, brick or masonry we have to be careful because improper cleaning can lead to staining of the tile or loss of surface coating, leading to damage. 

Another issue with hard floors/tiles is that no matter how much you mop they never seem to come up clean. This continuous mopping or incorrect cleaning is actually often just moving the dirt elsewhere on the floor and never actually removing the grit. This substantially lessens the life of your floor. 


DMG Cleaning Services use our experience and quality cleaning products to clean masonry or hard floors properly. Bringing a gleaming finish and fresh shine, while maintaining the surface’s integrity and preventing damage. 

Not only do we lengthen your floor’s life but we leave your floor with a fresh and hygienic feel. This feeling makes customers aware that you take care of all aspects of your business. Literally from the ground up.

As you can see from our pictures we can make any floor, no matter the age look as good as new! 


The benefits of floor cleaning are :

  • Gleaming Floors make you look Professional
  • Your floor will last longer 
  • Prevents Mould build up 
  • Reduce Slipping 


DMG offers a range of one-off and repeat floor cleaning services to fit your every need, we clean a wide range of surfaces including 


  • Natural stone
  • Tiles
  • Concrete
  • Wood & engineered wood
  • Lino
  • Vinyl & Altro

DMG Cleaning services are a SAFE and CHAS approved contractor, meaning that you can rest assured when you choose DMG you are choosing a quality and approved first class service.

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