An Overview Of Buckinghamshire


An Overview Of Buckinghamshire

Milton Keynes (MK) is the largest town in Buckinghamshire – about 50 miles from north west of London and is thriving with commercial enterprise. With a population of 230,000, Milton Keynes has an incredibly high job growth rate in comparison to the rest of the country. This is why we love providing our Buckingham commercial cleaning service – there are so many businesses to help!

Our experience cleaning in Buckinghamshire

We also help out other towns in Buckinghamshire such as Bletchley, Wolverton, and Stony Stratford. All of these areas have great links to train stations and therefore make it easy to travel both north and south. This is also another reason why Buckinghamshire is known as the London commuter belt – it’s very easily accessible. Accordingly, house prices have increased which as led to a boost in the economy throughout the entire region. 

This is great for us. It simply means more commercial areas in which we can clean and help on a regular basis. We’ve been fortunate enough to meet excellent people since the inception of our business. It’s allowed us to hire and train great commercial cleaners and a thriving industry is one of the main reasons we’ve found such great staff (and the help of Indeed, the job recruitment site where you can find cleaners!). We’re now at a point where we have plenty of equipment and supplies – we can take on any type of job. 

Thanks to our sistering company, Frontline ICS, we have unbelievable amounts of cleaning equipment. We sell and rent commercial cleaning machinery through this business. Working in an area like Buckinghamshire, which is rife with industrial and commercial premises, deems we need all this heavy machinery. Some establishments simply require a more rugged cleaning approach – and we’re happy to accomondate that! 

You can just have a janitor clean your business. Nor can you hire a domestic cleaning service. They won’t have the licenses, insurance, equipment, training or team! This is why businesses hire us in.

From servicing hospitals… To factories – our approach is catered to the environment we’re tackling. The difference between servicing different types of enterprises can be vast. Whether it’s commercial or industrial, we come prepared every time. Hospitals, schools and dentistries require a completely different skillset to cleaning a factory or warehouse.

Serving Buckingham and the rest of England

We love serving Buckingham because it’s close to our home base, too. We’re originally based in Bedford but operate throughout the centre of England. Milton Keynes is one of our primary areas as it is heavily urbanised. We often find ourselves travelling out there to quote for projects. The mechanical nature of the region makes for endless cool cleaning projects to get involved with.

So if you need a commercial or industrial cleaner in Buckingham – feel free to get in touch with DMG!

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