Anti-virus Deep Cleaning

Unfortunately, Life as we know it has stopped in England. Hopefully soon things will return back to normal, but for now, Bedford and every other city in the UK is on lockdown.

Commercial and industrial premises will have to reopen eventually. Naturally, your staff and clientele want to know your business is safe to be around.

Whether you have a restaurant, school, dentistry, car garage, office or anything else – cleaning is going to be a more serious consideration everywhere.

Give your team and customers peace of mind that you are doing everything possible to reduce spreading of the virus by hiring professionals like DMG.

Our service is all encompassing and we can help you with advice, anti-viral cleaning and ongoing maintenance cleans to stay on top of the virus spreading.

Pictures on this page reflect recent work we have completed in offices and warehouses.

Another reason to get anti-viral cleaning at this stage is to fend off bad press. If, somehow, an outbreak happened in your premises, the news are likely to get onto you. Reduce PR risk and turn it into a positive. YOU are taking extra measures to ensure the safety of the community. Advertise it!

Specialist hard floor cleaning

The Process

These are our techniques to remove the virus, germs and any other dirt and bacteria…
Anti-biocidal fogging – Engulf your entire building with a fine mist of virucidal solution, killing all viruses. We do this to ensure all surfaces are sanitised after a deep clean. 
Carpet and upholstery disinfectant Steam with heat up to 100 degrees, along with antibacterial detergent.
Floor cleaning Floor machine deep clean followed by antibacterial rinse using 175 degree dry vapour, kills 99% of bacteria and viruses.
Deep cleaning clean across all surfaces using antibacterial, virucidal and bactericidal solutions.

And more.

Between these services, we can ensure a complete clean of your entire surroundings. 

Again, use the service for twice the effect. Firstly, be clean and stay safe. Secondly, add images to your online marketing of cleaners being at your building! Inspire confidence in your customers. 

Want to know more about our deep cleaning approach?

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Keeping Bedford & Beyond Virus Free

DMG are here to help England move forward in a post-virus landscape. Things are going to change. Undoubtedly.
It used to be that businesses would get a deep clean when it was really, really necessary. It’s been a long amount of time, the place is looking terrible, now we can get that deep clean we’ve been needing…

Now your team and customers are going to want that assurance that you are taking extra measures to protect yourselves and everyone else around you. Enforcing rules at your business like mandatory masks, sanitising gel are great procedures you can implement. However, actually eliminating the virus and any other nastiness in your building is the next step.
Again, it’s extremely valuable to get an announce any new cleaning measures in place. You aren’t just allowing viruses and bacteria to fester within your building. Not only will this decrease the spread across the country from a humanitarian perspective – but also allow you to promote your stance in the fight against the new post-lockdown society we will live in.