Being Clean: First Impressions


Being Clean: First Impressions

There is this popular saying that goes: “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Fortunately or unfortunately, this nice saying doesn’t often hold up in reality. We always judge things in a very short space of time. It is simply part of our survival mechanism.

Let’s use an example. When you meet someone and they can’t keep eye contact – we assume they are shifty and have something to hide. All of this is natural.

As these thoughts and feelings are natural, they are often subconscious – so we are barely aware they are occurring. 

All this means is that first impressions are incredibly important and count for a lot. It doesn’t matter if you are meeting someone for the first time, meeting a prospective employer, you will consciously or subconsciously make a lot of perceptions over that person. Sure, you might not think you fall into this trap – but we all do and it’s natural. 

Our commercial cleaning service in Bedford and other services shows that we know how massive being clean is when it comes to first experiencing something or someone. 

The same principles apply to your business. Even if you have the best products and services on the market, if your premises are dirty and unkempt, you will not get the sales you hope for. This is simply due to the first impressions principle described above. People are judgemental. You cannot sell a high end product or service without being clean! It’s that simple. You would not walk into Harrods and see it dirty on the surface or on a deeper level. 

If you need help getting your commercial premises to the level it needs to be, just get in touch with us and we would love to help! 

“Normal cleaning” vs “Deep Cleaning”

Most businesses get routine cleans throughout the year. For an office, this could be daily. For a warehouse, this could be once a fortnight with little cleans done throughout the day. The continuous cleaning tasks (dust, rubbish, mess) etc. should be stayed on top of, absolutely. However, it is vital that you understand the difference between a deep clean and a regular clean in terms of the impact.

Deep cleans can take your premises to a place that a regular clean cannot. It can often be like opening your premises all over again! 

It might seem like overkill to get an annual deep clean. Or even something as regular as a fortnightly clean. But it is essential.

Ever seen a window cleaner cleaning seemingly shiny windows at a place to eat? It’s because the visual aspect of your business is a huge deciding factor as to whether people even set foot into your business. If they never walk in, you probably never make any money. For a restaurant business, cleanliness has to be really on point. The level of cleanliness of your building will also be a perceived reflection of the product (food) the business supplies.
Cleaning ties in with everything! Then if the whole package is excellent, the customer is more likely to return, bring friends etc.

Deep cleaning is about taking care of those areas that surface level regular cleans don’t always get to. Carpet looking old, dusty and stained? That can be sorted and dried before you even open up for business that day.

Unpleasant jobs like bathrooms and kitchens? We have that covered. Hard to reach areas? We have the equipment to reach anything, even in large halls. 

Regular cleans are usually quite short. A deep clean will normally take longer, but again, we have good estimations on how long things take to complete. And we can often complete tasks while you are not at the business (in the morning) or only be on site if we are not detrimental to the team’s productivity. 

More business

Getting more business from customers that have already bought your service is a key ingredient to a company’s success. Let’s use an office as an example. Let’s say you are trying to sell a corporate client a large package. When they first walk towards your premises – what do they see? Do you look like you ooze quality and class… Or does it look like you skimp on the finer details? What about entering the property? Does your place smell nice, look nice and reflect your product and service with justice? 

How you do one thing is how you do every thing. If your prospective client approaches the building and you aren’t clean from the outside… And on the inside… You might well lose that potential contract. You really need to think about perceptions and how this client is going to think about you depending on how your business LOOKS and FEELS… As much as worrying about the product and service itself. 

If you understand the importance of producing the best possible first impression, get in touch and we can provide you with a free quote for any project and take it from there. Just make sure to not forget about perception and how important it is in our reality – whether we are always conscious of it or not! 

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