Carpet cleaners who care

DMG care about providing the very best carpet cleaning service in the whole of Bedford. Our team has been over the last 10 years, with everybody dedicated to providing the best possible end product. We also have a sistering company which provides commercial cleaning equipment for rent or hire. This means we have the most modern tools and equipment.

Most importantly for you, this means our carpet cleaning can be carried out before you even open for the day. Or we can visit you after your working day has finished.

Over time dirt, grime and other pollutants accumulate on your carpets. We provide carpet cleaning to both commercial and industrial customers:

  • Steam cleaning
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Dry carpet cleaning
  • Low moisture cleaning
  • Bonnet cleaning
  • Hot water extraction
  • Upholstery cleaning
State-of-the-art carpet care
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Eco-friendly service in Bedford & beyond

We use innovative equipment and eco-friendly products to clean your carpets. Don’t fret, all products and solutions are child and pet friendly.
Also, not only will your carpets LOOK amazing, but 99% of all viruses and bacteria will be eradicated. Also, our carpet cleaning services are affordable for most any business out there.
Get in touch with us today for a chat, site visit and free no-obligation quote. 

Looking for a different type of floor cleaning?

As well as carpets, we also specialise in hard floor cleaning.
Click on the link if you need that as opposed to carpet cleaning. We operate in Bedford, Bedfordshire and surrounding areas!

Frequently asked carpet cleaning questions

Question: how long does my carpet take to dry after cleaning?

Answer: this depends on the type of clean is most suitable for your flooring. For example, if you need the hot water extraction (HWE) method, it will take 4-6 hours for your carpets to clean. However, if you need low moisture/dry chem cleaning, this process can be almost immediate. We can advise you at the site visit on what would be most suitable according to your carpets and schedule.

Question: how often should I get my carpets professionally cleaned?

Answer: like with most things, it will depend on how your carpets look and the last time they were cleaned. A good general rule of thumb is at least once a year, possibly twice a year to be safe. However, you might have a business with a much higher footfall. In which case, the carpets could become bleak quickly, while also housing unwanted germs and diseases. Send us some pictures if you are unsure!