Cladding and Brickwork cleaning in Hendon


Cladding and Brickwork cleaning in Hendon

We were recently asked to Pressure Washing and Soft Wash some cladding and brickwork at an industrial unit in Hendon. Industrial units because of the nature of their work can often build up with dirt and other particles from day to day work. Over time this can cause a thick build of grime on the outside of the building which isn’t the best for longevity or the eyes. 


The contrast between cladding and brick is the pressure used while washing. The soft wash is for the brickwork. If the pressure is too high we can actually end up causing damage that wasn’t there before, so we take this into account before every wash to ensure that everything is better than we found. 


Though Cladding is weather resistant, after a winter or two they are certainly not dirt and grime proof. We apply higher pressure when washing the cladding to make sure that it has a shining finish, washing cladding is not without its risks. If the wash is not done professionally water might get under the cladding and cause damp or water damage that is one of the most important things to think about before cleaning your own cladding.

Just look at the difference with our client and their neighbour…


A clear contrast in clean and dirty cladding

Should you try powerwash it yourself?

Pressure Washing on your own is risky regardless of material. From Cladding, Brickwork and even wood if you don’t know what you’re doing you can cause damage. DMG uses the best cleaning products available for each surface, no wash is the same. In this instance we had to adapt our wash for the brick and then the cladding. We are only happy when the job is done right.

Commercial Pressure Washing - the results

DMG provide the best cleaning experience no matter the job, if you are looking for a professional cleaning company that tailors the cleaning solutions to your needs please get in touch today.

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