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Commercial Cleaners Milton Keynes

DMG Cleaning Services provides top quality commercial cleaners in Milton Keynes. With over 10-years’ experience in the industry, we have perfected our process and honed our skills so that we can conquer any cleaning problem, big or small. From deep cleans to bathrooms and kitchens, to industrial cleans, there is no area we cannot clean within a commercial setting.

Over the years, our Milton Keynes commercial cleaning services have developed a reputation for their reliability and efficiency. If you’ve got a cleaning problem, you’ve come to the right place. We’re the solution for you!


With over ten years experience, we’ve developed a satisfied and loyal clientele. If you want a local testimonial, don’t hesitate to ask.

We care

As our customers will attest, we are dedicated and passionate about providing the highest standard of service. We understand that clean premises are vital to a thriving business. That’s why we care about providing the best quality cleaning service around.

We serve

We serve Milton Keynes, offering a sublime range of cleaning services for industrial and commercial premises. We know we can handle any job you have.

Milton Keynes Commercial Cleaning Services

Having started over 10 years ago, our success has enabled us to grow, offering the highest quality commercial cleaning services to our neighbouring counties and towns. We now operate in Milton Keynes, as well as several other regional towns and cities, offering our full range of commercial cleaner services.

If you are in the local area, contact us or book an appointment and we can discuss which of our complete cleaning services is ideal for you. 

Our pledges:

Professional & reliable

We promise to provide a professional commercial cleaning service that’ll leave your premises immaculate every time. 


We promise to offer you a competitive price that reflects the work being conducted. Our quotes are free and quick. 

Our Cleaning Services

Antiviral COVID-19 Cleaning

It’s vital to stay safe and clean. Which is why our commercial cleaning service is so important for those in Milton Keynes.

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, we know how important it is to ensure you are offering the highest standard of hygiene and cleanliness. 

Therefore, using Public Health England’s guidance, we developed a deep cleaning service that completely eradicates COVID-19 – and any other virus – from your commercial and industrial premises.

Hard Floors

As the years go by, and hundreds of customers and staff members trundle through your premises. The once sparkling hard floors begin to dull and fade under the dirt and grime that builds up over time. Plus, the process happens so slowly you might not even notice. But before you know it, your floors are looking dull and dirty. They might also be a potential breeding ground for bacteria. By the time of bacteria being present you should have contacted Milton Keynes commercial cleaners at least a week before this. 

We specialise in restoring your floors to their former glory, stripping away the dirt and grime, re-sealing, buffing and burnishing to a perfect finish. We work with all manner of surfaces, including stone and tile, concrete, wood or lino.

Don’t live with grimy floors. We promise you’ll be amazed by how good your floors can look!

Deep Cleans

At DMG Cleaning Services, we believe a deep clean should leave your premises looking brand new in Milton Keynes. 

We don’t accept anything less. In our ten years of trading, we have performed deep cleans for every kind of premises imaginable, from warehouses to hospitals, shopping centres to the local bar. We’re able to provide our commercial cleaning services to a variety of industries in Milton Keynes.

We know what we’re doing.

Our deep cleans involve stripping the grime and accumulated dust and dirt, from the hard floor, fabrics and carpets, kitchen units as well as toilets or washrooms.

We’ll leave your premises as good as new.

Immaculate Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can be a nightmare to clean. Hoovering is excellent for upkeep, but they don’t remove the deep grime that embeds itself between the fibres. Nor are the carpet cleaners you can buy in the shops up to the task of dealing with large scale commercial and industrial premises.Our extensive expertise with carpets makes us trusted commercial cleaners in Milton Keynes.

At DMG, we know how important it is to make a great first impression. That’s why our carpet cleaning skills are unparalleled. We remove every last scrap of dirt, grime or other pollutants that have accumulated. Leaving behind a dazzling carpet that’ll leave even your customer impressed. Plus, we also provide upholstery cleaning.

Commercial Window Cleaning in Milton Keynes

Nothing spoils a view (or lets a business down) more than grimy windows. A regular window cleaner will remove some of the dirt that accumulates, but they won’t clean every last speck of grime from the glass, the frame or the sealing. We will. Our commercial cleaners are second to none in Milton Keynes.

Our carbon-neutral window cleaning conforms to the highest safety and environmental standards and performance. 

Plus, we are also accredited as CHAS and Safe Contractors. 

We won’t just clean your windows; we’ll leave them absolutely spotless.

Commercial Kitchen and Duct Cleaning

We know you keep your kitchens in immaculate condition. We know you value hygiene and cleanliness. But even the most dedicated kitchen staff do not have the time to scrub every last inch of a commercial kitchen space. That’s where we come in.

For over ten years we’ve been cleaning kitchens, and so we’ve got one or two secrets up our sleeve, that will leave your kitchen’s stainless steel as shiny as it was the day you moved in. As trusted commercial cleaners in Milton Keynes we understand the importance of having an immaculate kitchen space.

We can even remove all the grease from your ducts, in compliance with current legislation. As this is a severe fire risk, it’s not something you can leave a day longer.

So if you want some reputable commercial cleaners in Milton Keynes reach out today.