Commercial Cleaning at the hub Milton Keynes


Commercial Cleaning at the hub Milton Keynes

DMG Cleaning Services carry out a whole range of work, including subcontracting. Recently we carried out a commercial cleaning job in Milton Keynes for Atlas Cleaning on a subcontract. The scope of the job was to clean some elevated areas of bars and restaurants at the hub in Milton Keynes. As you can see below this required a cherry picker which we are fully qualified to use.

Commercial Cleaning restaurant in Milton Keynes

The issues with this job were the heavy foot traffic at the hub and also the height of the frame and beams. We have already shown how we solved the height problem (cherry picker). The picker is great for all manner of high jobs, it allows us to get into difficult to reach places and also ensure the quality of the clean at a higher level. This level of quality can’t be assured with extendable poles etc. 

The issue of foot traffic is made simple when we work with the public. People are understanding and if we clearly mark where we are working and maintain a proper and safe environment for the public the public work with us. 

DMG Cleaning prides itself on each and everyone of our jobs being well planned and carried out regardless of the task, or the environment. We find that when a job is well thought out (all our jobs are) even the most difficult of tasks become easy. 

As pictured below, you can see the cleaning taking place. Cleaning the building’s structural support and frame is very important to the longevity of the building. If grime and eventually rust is allowed to build up then this will need repair/replacing much quicker than if the building is consistently cleaned.


Not only does cleaning the building mean that it will last longer, it also means that it looks much more appealing to customers. The experience of a restaurant starts the moment you walk up to it. Seeing a grimey building can be off putting. On the contrary walking up to a well kept establishment will help customers rest assured they are eating at a clean and safe place. Inside and out. It might even go as far as to attract new customers off the street. It is really a win/win situation going the extra mile to keep your premises clean. 

If you have any enquiries for commercial cleaning in Milton Keynes area or surrounding areas please get in contact below, we are happy to answer any of your questions and provide a free quote for any work you might need undertaken


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