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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning – What People Want To Know


We’re always getting questions about our kitchen cleaning service. So let’s go ahead and answer them.

Yes, cleaning is essential in a kitchen. More than 50 percent of food borne outbreaks are linked to restaurants. So you’re being a humanitarian by cleaning your kitchen as well as all the other benefits you are getting! Being commercial cleaners in Milton Keynes there is a abundance of kitchens for us to clean. Of course, all the other benefits are fairly well documents and obvious. You need to stay clean when running a kitchen without fail.  
Let’s go over some common questions and answers. 

What equipment do you clean?

Within our service we clean fryers, ovens, agars, hobs, machines, grills, fridges, freezers, ducts, ventilation systems, sinks, storage areas, floors, ceilings and more. Just about everything! 

How do you do a commercial kitchen clean?

A proper, deep commercial kitchen clean like DMG provides is about cleaning EVERYTHING. This means hoovering and wiping the floor. This means wiping every surface with disinfectant so it is completely spotless. This means cleaning every single tap, oven, machine, hob and part of the kitchen with disinfectant and making it gleam! so that it is shining. This means 

Of course, we could go into more detail per each item that needs cleaning. For example, when cleaning something like a commercial dish washer, food residue would be removed, correct detergent would be used, the inside would be washed and drained, spray nozzles would be cleaned, filter would be emptied, jets would be washed and rinsed then detergent would be added once again. Just about everything we clean has its own little check list like this. We don’t miss a beat! 

How often should a commercial kitchen be cleaned?

Commercial kitchens are serving many people. As we know with the sudden outbreak of the Corona Virus, staying clean is paramount. Especially when you have paying customers walking in and out of your place all the time. 
The place should have a standard clean as often as possible. Ideally once a day. But on top of that, you should get a really deep clean once a week or once a fortnight or if you’re chancing it, once a month. Stay on top of everything and you will be paying less each time, with a healthier cleaner kitchen all year round! 

How much does it cost for a commercial kitchen clean?

This is going to depend on how much of the kitchen you need cleaning and how large the kitchen is. Do you have ducting? Do your ovens need cleaning? Does the floor need cleaning? How much machinery do you have? What is the square footage of the room? The best thing to do is to give us some indication of this and we can give you a much more accurate quote. Generally, you can get a kitchen clean in the low hundreds + VAT but again, it just depends on your requirements. 
We can provide discounts for those that want regular deep cleans and purchase in bulk rather than one-offs. 

How much does it cost to clean a restaurant?

Obviously, a restaurant as a whole is a much larger job than just cleaning a kitchen. This is going to include bathrooms, flooring, ceilings, skirting, front of house, possibly the exterior AND the kitchen. There’s a lot more to clean, so naturally it will cost more. Cleaning a whole restaurant is definitely getting into the thousands of pounds range, definitely multiple thousands in fact. Cleaning a restaurant is simply part and parcel of running this kind of business. Staying clean is essential if you want people to return to your restaurant so although it’s an added cost – it’s more like an investment! Especially when you get the right team…

Can I get commercial kitchen cleaning near me?

Sure! If you are based in Bedford, Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes, Hertfordshire or Cambridgeshire, we are probably near you. Just give us a call to book a free quote. We’ll come and visit you and provide a price after seeing the work required. 

Should I hire a commercial kitchen cleaning service or do it myself?

It’s a good idea to stay on top of the day to day cleaning yourself. Regularly clean the sides where food and dirty equipment is touching. Sweep the floor. Clean any spillages. But at the end of the day make sure to do a clean of everything. Then we would say to call a commercial kitchen cleaning team in when you feel necessary. Sure, you guys can do it, but there’s probably already enough tasks for you to be doing without having to clean on top of all that. Sure, we’re biased as it’s our trade, but you’ll soon get sick of it and perhaps cut corners if you do it yourself. 

The best option is to call a team like ours who can take care of everything quickly and efficiently! Call DMG today!

DMG offers every deep commercial cleaning service you need.

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