How Cleaning Contributed to the Fight Against COVID-19


How Cleaning Contributed to the Fight Against COVID-19

More often than not, we see the importance of a certain service only when we desperately need it. 

The pandemic showed us that deep cleaning and crystal-clear hygiene can largely contribute to the fight against a health-damaging virus. While we all need to take care of ourselves, the service providers have been making sure that our workspaces, supermarkets, schools are ready to use in the safest conditions. 

DMG Commercial Cleaning Cambridge are no different in this case and we’ve been busier than ever this year…

Cleaning Is Needed More Than Ever

It’s always been important to keep your space clean, but now that this is a potentially life-threatening problem, extra measures have to be taken. 

As we know, some small business owners do the cleaning themselves. If the office space is small, they may not have ever commissioned a deep cleaning service. Now, we find out that more and more businesses of all sizes decided to hire a commercial cleaning company at least once since the pandemic. They have realised the urgency of paying more attention to health, safety and infection control. 

Of course, if you are familiar with our COVID-19 Cleaning Service – we can remove the virus with a 99.9% eradication rate. We have always offered an anti-viral cleaning service – but the pandemic simply bought it to the forefront of our attention.

With the tiering system jumping up and down every day, with no sign of the virus slowing – proper anti-viral cleaning is needed now more than ever. We’re happy to be offering our services all over England to help battle this terrible virus.

Changes to Cleaning

It’s easy to think that this industry easily survived the economic collapse the pandemic brought. After all, we are the guys that can get rid of this thing from entire buildings, warehouses, factories etc.! But nothing comes without challenges:

Commercial cleaning services providers had to improve their game tremendously to be able to comply with all regulations in place. Many companies had to acquire safety equipment they didn’t have. Without it, they may not have met the cleaning regulations in place to carry out the cleans! Everybody, even the cleaners, have to make sure not to be spreading the virus. These are uncertain times!

Moreover, there have been new demands regarding disinfection services, that many other cleaning providers were not prepared to adjust for. Thankfully, we were well positioned to make the transition into the “Covid era”. We had lots of equipment and a well-sized team to take on lots of projects.

But there have been many challenges faced within the industry. With so many other businesses shutting down or decreasing their activity, the entire world got delayed. Shipments were late, communication was difficult and there was a lot of panic and anxiety going on. Companies went into survival mode and everybody was looking out for themselves. Therefore, commercial cleaning companies were in high-demand, but also affected and slowed down by the situation of the world, too.

We heard that much of the industry had problems with people not being able to attend work, or simply not wanting to. This meant a shortage of staff at times and a battle to hire people at the 11th hour. Again, after quite some time in business, a reliable staff and a large network – we were mostly OK, thankfully.

The future with Covid-19

It is a lesson for all of us: in times of troubles and uncertainty, people can come together, do their jobs, and find ways to make sure as many people as possible are safe. We will continue to do that in this industry and we’re sure everyone else will band together too, to ensure the safety of our good people.

We expect cleaning to become even more popular in the future as businesses have to keep operating at commercial premises. Only so many of us can work from home!

DMG Cleaning Services will be there, ready to help the local people with their properties, businesses and the safety of them!

Thanks for reading and we’ll be back soon!

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