How Will Commercial Cleaning Change After Covid-19 / Corona


How Will Commercial Cleaning Change After Covid-19 / Corona

Hey. We hope everyone is surviving during these unprecedented times… 
Today we want to discuss the change in commercial cleaning in the UK following the Corona pandemic. Ultimately, when everyone reopens, we believe there will be a wide spread call for antiviral cleaning. Especially when things first open. As a commercial cleaning Bedford company, we want the best for our community!

Business owners are going to have to be more conscious of germs and disease. Corona is the kind of thing that can live on surfaces and be moved around various premises. Without regular deep cleans, buildings can quickly become hot spots for these terrible viruses. 

And there’s no telling when things will reopen again. Also, what will the public reaction be like? Do they even want to go to restaurants, theatres etc. If they aren’t guaranteed to be clean? Do people want everyone going into a space like that to be tested? The landscape for everything is going to change dramatically. 
One thing is for sure. Some places are going to reopen and still thrive. A massive selling point for your business is that you ARE doing testing and you are getting antiviral, deep cleans for your business. Regularly. We believe the days of getting one deep clean every few years has gone. The more regular, the better. 

Let’s say you run a local bakery. Imagine the difference in customers satisfaction if you are regularly deep cleaning your business. Not only keeping away Corona, but all the other diseases that people will be more aware of now. Inspire confidence in your clientele by showing them you care about their safety too. Again, testing people would make it an unbeatable combination, but it doesn’t look like testing is going to be that easy or accessible. 

You can see our updated corona cleaning services on our last blog page. The services listed target all kinds of commercial businesses, from restaurants, to community centres to gyms and pubs. Our cleaning techniques will ensure, with 99% probability, all viruses will be eradicated. 

Let’s look at a few markets we operate in and how they might be affected…


Restaurants are a mixed bag. With UberEats and counterparts becoming more prominent, perhaps there will be a major reduction in people eating out. They also have the option to go to drive throughs in chain restaurants. Even if this is the case and you have to push your online strategy – you can still boast that your premises are totally clean. You could create a promo video which shows everybody working in masks, washing their hands and so on. We expect the cream to rise to the top. We are ready and willing to offer our kitchen, cladding and oven cleaning when we are needed! 

Community centres 

Kids still need places to go after school, communities still need areas to practise their skills and have fun. So we think these will still exist. But to a lesser degree. Perhaps there will be more of a push to hold events outdoors where viruses are less likely to survive and remain. We are happy to deep clean any community centre in Bedford and Milton Keynes. 


Offices will have to reopen eventually. Some businesses might trend away and start to push working from home. However, most have to reopen. To keep your staff happy, it’s probably a good idea to tell them the measures you’re taking to do that. A really regular deep commercial office clean would contribute to that. Adding alcohol rub around the office would be another way. Usually with offices, we would be called in rarely as businesses like to manage from their brisk daily cleans. We see this changing in the near future though. Call us in for fogging and other antiviral cleans before you reopen. 

Education – schools and nurseries

Schools will have to reopen eventually and they are really a potential hot bed. Deep floor cleaning is going to be necessary for carpets. Fogging to clear out all the rooms. The question will be how regularly you get the cleans. All it takes is a few students to mix with people after school, come back in, then spread it throughout. Certainly, you’ll need a clean for before you start operating again, but then it’s about deciding what’s most optimal after that stage. With Zoom blowing it up, it’s possible that schools will start to have home schooling… Let’s see. 

Dentistries and hospitals

With the health industry still open, it’s paramount that there is CONSTANT cleaning. Not just one-off cleans. The more cleaning the better. We hope all the hospitals in Milton Keynes, Bedford and all local areas are doing as they should. We are more than happy to get involved and support the local causes where necessary! This is an industry that is extremely difficult to deliver to people’s homes. 
Overall, it’s hard to tell exactly how the markets will trend. Some places will be the same, some will be busier, some will be less busy. We believe in personal accountability and think that how you act personally makes a big difference.

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