Increase Customer Footfall With A Clean Business


Increase Customer Footfall With A Clean Business

I’m sure you must realise that having a clean store is very important for ensuring customer return, and generally for making sales – who wants to buy from a filthy shop? But did you know that the cleanliness of your store can have a direct impact on your customer footfall, and therefore subsequent sales? 

A recent study completed by M/A/R/C® Research and National In-store found that “14% of consumers said they would stop visiting a store that was not as clean as they would like it to be, and 29% said they would only visit the store to pick up a few items they could not find elsewhere.” The report also revealed that customers were most concerned about the cleanliness of food stores and chemists they visited, The shoppers at these stores were reported have the highest likelihood of not returning if they perceived the environment to be unclean. 

As commercial window cleaners in Bedford – we know that the appearance of your windows, for one, is vital too. Businesses spend big money on ensuring their windows look pristine 

Having a clean shop is vital

Your store experience is a huge factor that determines why your consumers choose to shop with you. This study says that “cleanliness is an important component of the customer experience”, and goes on to state that it impacts a customer’s willingness to shop at a given retailer and influences frequency of shopping and length of time spent in store.

These factors have a direct impact on the amount of money spent in-store, which is imperative for a business’s ability to survive and thrive. A loss of custom due to the hygiene of your retail premises will almost certainly mean a loss in profit, but these problems can be easily prevented. 

The benefits of a retail cleaning service

Maintaining a clean retail environment sounds easy, but there are a number of things that need to be considered which are often overlooked. For instance, a clothing retailer might work to ensure that the entrance to the shop looks inviting, and so is clean and welcoming. This is important, but only if you continue this attitude throughout the shop. If other parts of the store are neglected, such as the changing rooms or handrails, you’ll likely lose a number of potential returning customers and this will damage your brand in the long-run. 

Investing in retail cleaning services with a reliable commercial cleaning company will make sure that your customers are always satisfied by their shopping experience. This comprehensive services covers your entire outlet, including shop floors, service areas, staff facilities and will be conducted by trained professionals, who you can rely on to deliver an impeccable service every time. Available any time, any day, retail store cleaning services are usually designed to fit around you, your in-house teams and your customers, so they offer a flexible solution that meets your requirements. 

Contact DMG today to speak about how our services can keep your store, office, and professional premises sparkling clean for its staff and customers. 

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