Why choose DMG Cladding Cleaning Services?

DMG cleaning services are one of the UK’s leading cladding cleaning providers, trained specialists with full CSCS and IPAF qualified staff to provide a safe and quality service and clean cladding every time. 

We have a wide range of happy and satisfied customers, with testimonials to prove our specialist service. DMG provides a high quality, safe and cost effective cleaning solution to restore the clean and professional manner of your industrial buildings or commercial buildings. 

We offer the latest exterior commercial cladding cleaning equipment, including pressure washers, softwashers, steam cleaners and a variety of specialist cleaning products combined with our specialist cleaning techniques is guaranteed to help clean stains off more modern types of cladding.

We cater to all types of commercial properties and premises, and offer all types of cleaning cladding and other materials.

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Why should you clean your cladding?


As a business owner it is your duty to clean your commercial properties interior and exterior, this is not just to preserve your workspace but also to keep your workers and customers safe and lean. A regular cleaning schedule created by a cleaning company is a simple yet highly effective way to keep your premises looking great whilst maintaining a safe working environment.


It’s much better to pay for clean cladding than it is to replace your cladding. A full cladding replacement or overcladding is a severe outgoing for your business whereas regular cleaning will pay for itself in the long run if not by avoiding repairs by attracting new customers with a clean exterior and professional appearance.


The types of cladding you use will affect how often it needs to be cleaned e.g metal cladding, stainless steel. Some types are more durable than others and require less maintenance, but all need some kind of regular upkeep to avoid weathering that may lead to corrosion or other long-term damage.

Plant life

The elements and grime tend to help plant life grow, fungal plants and moss are a tell tale sign of unclean cladding, and it is also a clear sign to customers to go somewhere else. Commercial buildings often don’t have council funded cleaning service either so the plants and dirt can build up quicker due to less frequency of cleaning.


Even though we hate to admit it appearance matters, whether it is a building or a person your first impressions often last. You wouldn’t meet a client in dirty clothes so why would you invite clients or partners to a dirty building? Keeping a clean business and clean cladding reflects good on your business and you personally.

Metal Cladding cleaning

What types of cladding do we clean?

We can help you with all types of commercial cladding cleaning, some examples of this include: 

  • Rainscreen Cladding
  • Metal Cladding
  • Flat Roofing
  • Composite Panels
  • Overcladding
  • Stone, Timber, Render, Brick and multiple material cladding sheets
  • Roof cladding
  • Stainless Steel
  • All types of roof

No job is too big or too small, we can fit a custom cleaning services to you and your businesses needs with our specialist cleaning techniques.

Industrial & Commercial Cladding Cleaning methods

Scissor Lifts & Cherry Pickers

DMG approaches every job with a tailored solution however for our cladding services we use Scissor lifts & Cherry pickers to reach and access all commercial properties.

 The reason for this is it makes all areas of your buildings accessible whereas ladders don’t. If we were to use ladders certain angles and areas might not get the perfect finish we achieve on every job. It is also safest for the your staff, us and the general public with plastic cladding getting wet, ladders can slip and injure any of the involved parties whereas a lift makes for a safer experience and a better clean.

Pressure washing

We provide a mobile mounted water fed pressure washer system that works all the way up to 4500psi. The high pressure means that dirt and limescale that is deeply ingrained can be removed with ease. Pressure washing is a sure fire way to remove deeply engrained muck and dirt. That is why we armed ourselves with the highest calibre of pressure washing equipment.


Softwashing is a revolutionary cladding cleaning solution that provides high quality and long lasting results without the risk of damaging cladding. We have specialist water fed softwash equipment which actually uses less water making it environmentally friendly whilst providing a perfect finish.

Why choose DMG Cladding Cleaning Services?

No matter the cladding type be it uPVC, metal, powder coated or any of the aforementioned cladding we have the expertise and experience to return your building to its former glory. We have multiple years of industrial & commercial cleaning interior and exterior, growing a long list of happy customers as we go. Above and beyond is the motto for all our jobs. 

As mentioned we have the best cleaning techniques, products and equipment available to provide the highest quality clean in a timely and safe manner. 

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