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Although we are not primarily an industrial cleaning company – it is one of our main services.

Our company doesn’t do so much in the way of maintenance and ‘light’ cleans. We are much more about deep cleans for businesses that really need a comprehensive clean. That is not to say that we will only do the whole of your industrial premises, it just means that the cleaning we partake in is usually ‘deep’. You can expect whatever you want us to be cleaned to be as clean as it possibly can be. That’s the nature of our service.

For the industrial market, you need a company like us. Most regular cleaners will barely be able to scratch the service when it comes to cleaning industrial properties and equipment. The kind of dirt accrued in businesses like yours tend to be difficult to remove and lasting. You need specialist industrial cleaning equipment if you’re to have any hope in getting rid of this stubborn dirtiness. Thankfully, that is exactly what we have right here.

Three key benefits of industrial cleaning

Three key benefits come from deep industrial cleaning. Firstly its appearance and maintaining your premises, tools, equipment and supplies. Keeping things clean and tidy will ensure everything continues to work well as well as look good. None of your staff will want to work in a bomb site… So, making the place look clean and tidy will help productivity.

The second is for removing germs and microorganisms that are no doubt spread throughout your premises. Deep cleans are notorious in getting to places that most cleaners simply can’t get to. Deep means to uncover virtually everything. As a result, you can expect your sickness rate to drop if you get regular deep cleans (regular could be once a year or once a month depending on the type of business you have). If your staff are getting less ill, they are also likely to be happier at work.

The third somewhat overlaps with the second reason. From 2008 to 2012, there were 50 accidents related to combustible dust in America alone, let alone the whole world. Industrial premises gather different types of dirt and mess to the average business. Keeping on top of everything will ensure you avoid things like combustible dust and other common dangers. 

Industrial floor cleaning services 

For definite, we have completed hundreds of industrial floor cleaning jobs over the years. What with our capable team and wide range of equipment, local companies in Milton Keynes are always calling us to get their floor sorted. Whether you’re worried about the aesthetics, cleanliness and appearance of your industrial centre or you’re more concerned with getting rid of germs and illness – our service is for you.

Parts of your operation can easily be overlooked because they seemingly don’t produce you money. Something like flooring fits perfectly into this category. You walk on the floor every day so you don’t really think about it. However, without your flooring, you wouldn’t even have a premises to be working on! Deep cleaning your flooring is the way to really ensure you maintain your flooring for many years to come. As with anything, if you don’t give it care and attention, it will fade and fail. Your flooring is no different.

Get your industrial premises deep cleaned at least once a year if not multiple times more to ensure the longevity of the very thing you have to walk on every single day.  

Industrial plant cleaning services 

We offer an industrial machinery cleaning service. The industrial market relies on heavy machinery and equipment. We understand this and can service a lot of the tools and equipment you’ll be using on a daily basis. Whether it’s trucks and lorries, factory equipment and so on – we are well equipped to help out. Our sistering company is a machine rental and sales business. We are never short on cleaning supplies, materials and machinery to make everything immaculate and ready for use!  

Industrial warehouse cleaning 

Our industrial warehouse cleaning services has been in action since virtually the day we started this business. Warehouses are a plenty throughout Milton Keynes. We have put our hand to a lot of them but would love to help a whole lot more! If you have a warehouse that needs cleaning, we can take care of every aspect. From the floor, to the walls, to your washing rooms and eating areas, whatever it is, we can deep clean until your warehouse is spotless! 

We’re sure that more and more warehouses are going to pop up.

Milton Keynes has been going strong as its own town since 23 January 1967 – and a lot of warehouses has arisen since the change from then. Another thing to consider is the size of Milton Keynes: 89 km2 (34 sq mi) with this sort of radius, it’s understandable why there are so many warehouses around. 


DMG offers every deep commercial cleaning service you need.

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