Keep In Touch With Site Visitors And Boost Loyalty


Keep In Touch With Site Visitors And Boost Loyalty

Hey DMG readers! We have yet another article for our fellow cleaners and commercial cleaners! Today we want to talk about the importance of blogging on your website. It’s changed the game for us, by creating traffic and pushing us up the search results. This has meant more enquiries and therefore more stability within our business.

No matter what kind of service you’re trying to sell, for example, builders cleaning in Bedford, blogging about it is always going to improve the relevance of your website towards that topic! It’s hard to hurt your website and therefore your overall digital brand by writing about your services.

Here are some reasons to make blogging part of your regular routine.

Blogging is an easy way to engage with site visitors

Writing a blog post is easy once you get the hang of it. Posts don’t need to be long or complicated. Just write about what you know, and do your best to write well.

Let’s say you do want to write about builders cleans to increase your relevancy to this topic. Simply write about a recent case study, or something you enjoy about builders cleans, or a particular cleaning method you employed.

Show customers your personality

When you write a blog post, you can really let your personality shine through. This can be a great tool for showing your company’s distinct personality. Whether you want to be funny, helpful or insightful, you have full reign on your company blog to write what you want!

By adding personality, people are likely to stay on your blog longer and hopefully hire you for builders cleans or any other services you want to push!

Blogging is a terrific form of communication

Blogs are a great communication tool. They tend to be longer than social media posts, which gives you plenty of space for sharing insights, handy tips and more.

While social media has its place, blogging allows you to create content that lasts. Posts on social media tend to get drowned out by all the other noise. But when people are on your website, that’s all they’re reading… You!

Also, any post you make will survive on the internet and index. Many social media posts disappear into the ether…

It’s a great way to support and boost SEO

Search engines like sites that regularly post fresh content, and a blog is a great way of doing this. Use relevant metadata for every post so search engines can find your content. Write about topics you want people to find you for. Read our other material on writing great posts that increase site traffic through local SEO.

Think about a website like Wikipedia. It ranks so well because Google assumes it is authoritative. The vast amount of content plays into this. Keep your writing quality, keep it on topic and it should help you to become a local authority in the search engines.

Drive traffic to your site

Every time you add a new post, people who watch your business will have another reason to visit your site. If the post is a good read, they’ll share it with others, bringing even more traffic! More traffic means more potential buyers of your cleaning service which is ultimately what we are gunning for here.

Blogging is free

Maintaining a blog on your site is absolutely free. You can hire bloggers if you like or assign regularly blogging tasks to everyone in your company. It should be a part of your company strategy due to the lasting benefits it provides. It helps the search engines to understand you are a topical authority. At the same time, it helps users understand more about you, your business and why they should hire you. It’s free, and it serves two crucial parts of a local service area business: Google and customers!

A natural way to build your brand

A blog is a wonderful way to build your brand’s distinct voice, write about issues that are related to your industry, and your customers. It’s completely organic and it allows you to speak to your customers and prospective customers, again, for free. Every local cleaning business should have a blog!

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