Keeping Your Office Clean


Keeping Your Office Clean

Offices are dirty areas. In fact, they are dirtier than you realise! Obviously, bacteria and germs can’t be see with the naked eye so we don’t really understand how dirty areas like offices actually get. 

We are doing something right as a society through. Sick days have halted since 1993 – a great statistic. This is largely due to the mass spread of information. Everyone is more aware of the problems related to diseases, germ spreading and keeping clean. Attitudes in general have improved meaning that everyone is more conscious of how to stay clean. Which is great for us when providing office cleaning in Bedford. Other factors like ventilation, more regular cleaning (including deep cleans, like what we specialise in…). Also, office designs are becoming more suited to stop the spread of germs. 

We can always do more though! Deep cleaning is seriously necessary in reducing these numbers even further. That’s why we’re writing this article. Yes, shallow cleans, better designed offices, a better attitude towards cleanliness goes a long way… But NOTHING beats deep cleans. A deep clean is like cleansing something. It’s like dipping a spoon into boiling water. All germs are gone, decimated. And if there are no germs… There are no diseases to be caught or spread. 

Let’s speak about other things that can be done to stop the pesky germs spreading throughout our countries offices. Sure, some things are inevitably dirty and it’s hard to be avoided, but we can always try to improve things. 


Handles are a shocking spreader of germs for a company – they’re touched all day every day. The problem is, if one dirty person touches the handle, every subsequent touch of the handle will result in dirty hands too! Think any kind of handle… Door handles, cupboards, the kettle, anything that has to be repeatedly touched. Also, taps are a problem too. People touch them before cleaning their hands… Just because a tap is designed to eliminate germs, it doesn’t mean they don’t help to spread them too. 


Believe it or not, switches are terrible for spreading germs. Cleaners should be mindful of switches like they are handles. 

Switches are turned on and off every day and just like handles, it only takes one dirty person to touch it before the whole thing falls apart. 

Switches also have little gaps where germs can propagate without much resistance… Pesky! Think any kind of switch… Light switches are the main kind, but they’re in quite a few areas round the office. 


This is the area most of the staff spend their time at. Eating at the desk is quite a common practise these days. Make sure to clean up any spilled food or liquid or germs will cultivate where you dropped it. Then there’s everything you’re touching. Note pads, keyboards, phones, head phones and more. All of these things house bacteria and get touched and passed around all day. Computer keyboards are a pain as they aren’t straightforward to clean. Disinfectant is your best bet with desks. Cleaners should pay special attention to this area of your office. It only takes one dirty area to spread to the rest of the office and affect everyone else. 

Shared equipment 

Any shared equipment is a germ red flag. Anything getting passed round the office is just asking to make your offices a hotspot for bacteria. Think photocopiers, kitchen equipment, scanners, printers, staplers, stationery and more. All of these things need to get cleaned too. Again, you wouldn’t necessarily think it… But when you do! It makes it obvious that these things also need to be cleaned, not just the carpets, for example. 

Your staff

We are the number one culprits! The human body is home to endless amounts of germs and bacteria! It goes without saying that your staff should be cleaning themselves each day before showing up to work. Simply encourage it as a best practise so that everyone comes in to work fresh. This also means promoting washing hands and looking after their area in the office. Keep your people clean to reduce the amount of bacteria we as humans spread!

Although this article reads ominously… it’s important to be aware of these problems! The more the word is spread, the more sick days will be reduced even more! Hopefully it will continue to be a downward spiral.  

Simply do your best to create an environment which promotes being clean. This goes for the staff, management and the cleaning team. Also, don’t forget to get deep cleans! Surface cleans will only go so far. But a proper, deep, commercial clean will really improve the cleanliness of your office. Then it’s just about deciding how regularly you want these cleans to come in. 

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