Milton Keynes Open University Kitchen Deep Clean


Milton Keynes Open University Kitchen Deep Clean

Recently we were contracted by the Open University Milton Keynes. To Deep Clean their Campus Kitchen. The scope of the work was to clean the entire kitchen and the vents which quickly build up because of the volume of cooking happening on campus. 

Like most commercial kitchens, this kitchen was cleaned everyday. However the everyday cleaning maintains hygiene on the most frequented surfaces, but this doesn’t reach all surfaces and in the vents. DMG cleaning services reach all of these hard to reach areas. 

The difficulties of cleaning a commercial kitchen

Often the difficulties with Commercial Kitchen and Duct Cleaning is that the fryers, cookers, and vents can be replaced at different times and the brand changes. One Fryer can be made of Stainless Steel whilst the other has Aluminium or some other metal and then the only thing we get from the job is a repair bill. 

So we need to carefully determine what cleaning products are required for each piece of equipment. DMG Cleaning Services have a wealth of expert knowledge so you can rest assured that your equipment and kitchen is in the right hands. 

Another difficulty with Kitchens can often be getting the staff out, much like a pack of wolves chefs and kitchen staff are incredibly territorial… just kidding. However depending on the frequency of Kitchen there might not be much down time. If a kitchen works late by the time the kitchen cools off it might be the middle of the night. Luckily the open university is mostly during the day until early evening. The pandemic also means that it is out of use at the moment. 


The final main issue is the weight of the equipment and limited space. If there are tables or instruments that need moved it can be very difficult for a start to move them due to the weight of the kitchen. However if the kitchen is built to exactly fit the room space to move them might be in short supply. DMG are experts in safely and properly moving kitchen equipment. 


Fully Cleaned Kitchen Open University

DMG Cleaning services carried out the full scope of the work, you can see the results above.  A gleaming kitchen fresh and ready for students to return. Keeping your kitchen clean much like most equipment needs to be cleaned regularly and failure to do so will limit the lengthen the life of your kitchen.  A steady and regular deep cleaning schedule will make your kitchen a healthier and clean environment, and extend it’s life.

How you can keep your Commercial Kitchen Clean

 You can secure a spot with DMG to maintain a regularly clean kitchen, just reach out! You can contact us here. 

We work around your staff and your needs to make sure that you have a healthy and happy work environment without impacting your business and more importantly your customers. 

You can also contact us below. 


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