Our Covid-19 Services


Our Covid-19 Services

Covid-19 or Corona is fully here in England. We are one of the leading countries in cases and deaths. It is a great shame. Condolences to all of those who have passed away or lost loved ones during these times. 
The best thing we can do as a Bedford commercial cleaning company is offer our services to everyone and help to get this mess under control. As such, we have introduced a multitude of deep cleaning services which will completely eradicate the chance of Covid-19 existing in your premises. 

Discuss your Corona cleaning needs today

We are happy to discuss bespoke packages so that you can get ongoing cleans and keep your premises clean for longer periods of time.
It used to be that people would get a deep clean once every couple of months. Now it might need to be a lot more regular what with the threat of Corona and other diseases coming to the forefront. 

We are not writing this to increase fear and inflate the situation… But changes will be coming for certain. Your customers will want to know your premises have been properly cleaned and that viruses are not lurking in your carpets, flooring, kitchens, bathrooms etc. 

Having a really clean premises can act as an additional selling point for your business. You have extended to every possible measure you could take in order to keep them clean. They will appreciate it and you will be more likely to make sales.

This has always been the basis for our business. We don’t simply want to make your business clean, we want to help it grow through cleaning. Cleaning is one of those overlooked aspects of business, but a crisis like COVID-19 reminds people of how important it truly is for multiple reasons.

COVID-19 cleaning services

So in order for you to say this, we have come out with these services deep cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting services:

  • Deep cleaning all surfaces using a variety of antibacterial, virucidal and bactericidal solutions.
  • Anti-biocidal fogging. Covering every inch of a room in a fine mist of virucidal solution ensures all surfaces are full sanitised after the deep cleaning process.
  • Carpet and upholstery steam cleaning with heat up to 100 degrees along with antibacterial detergent.

Floors machine scrubbed to deep clean followed by an antibacterial rinse and steamed using 175 degrees dry vapour to ensure all areas are fully sanitised.

All of these services can be applied to any area in your workplace including toilets, washrooms and kitchens, full offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, leisure and sports centres, cinemas etc.

Large floors such as warehouses – sports halls and indoor activity areas can be deep cleaned using our ride on scrubber dryer sanitiser machine which effectively sanitises large surfaces in a short time using disinfectant to scrub followed by an antibacterial vapour jetted from fine nozzles and the rear of the machine to ensure all areas are completely sanitised.
That’s it for now. 

This will suffice and clean just about every commercial business out there, including schools, nurseries, offices, dentistries, laboratories and more. If you have any specific questions about your business and premises, get in touch and we can let you know if we can still help you.
Good luck everybody. Call us if you need help to clean your property and we would be happy to help. Stay up to date with Milton Keynes Covid News and how you can stay safe while quarantined. 

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