Reopening Your Premises Following Lockdown


Reopening Your Premises Following Lockdown


We are about to enter yet another one month lockdown. Its unfortunate and a difficult situation. The best thing to do is follow protocol and endure the coming weeks. Do your best to sanitise your building as well as you can to minimise the effects on the people around you. Wear a mask and so on.

If you need a professional commercial cleaning team – call DMG. We can give your premises the anti-viral fogging clean that it needs. We’ve been in the business for over 10 years. We aren’t just a new service that has sprung up as a result of Corona. We know what we’re doing and we’re well versed at handling all sorts of cleaning issues. Anti-viral cleaning is no different. Our team and equipment are extremely well versed in destroying viruses and we are happy to help anybody clean their business during this lockdown period.

Anyway, below is the original article we wrote just as the first lockdown was lifting. These theories still apply for when this lockdown ends…!

England is slowly reopening. We are getting there…
“Things will never be the same” is the phrase we keep hearing. It’s true. They won’t. This pandemic was a global phenomenon and our lives have changed forever.
With that in mind – what can we do to stay safe? Specifically, what can commercial businesses do to minimise the spread of COVID-19 and other strains of flus and viruses? 
Let’s run through some measures you can take to make your facility as safe and clean as possible for your reopening. 

Develop a plan

Have a game plan. Think through the potential risks of your business and premises. How can you mitigate risk associated with your surroundings? Having a plan is vital. Countries that had the best plans performed best against the virus – your business should do the same. 
Here are some general measures you could take:
– Introduce social distancing where possible. – Keep windows open for improved ventilation  – Perhaps use less staff, or stagger shift patterns.  – Constantly clean communal areas which are touched a lot. – Limit social activities without impacting workplace satisfaction  – Allow staff to work from home where possible.


Masks have been a controversial topic during this whole tenure. But the overall consensus seems to be that they’re doing more good than bad. We assume to just be sensible with it. Keep your mask clean, where it when public and especially wear it if you have any kind of sickness. 
You can get your team to wear mask as well as enforce your customers to wear one too. 

Deep cleaning!

Our anti-covid cleaning is the perfect way to reopen your business. We can come in and eradicate any inkling of the virus with 99.9% certainty. Our services have been developed over the last 10 years.
After an initial clean, we can schedule periodic deep cleans to ensure your premises is sensibly safe for your team and customers. 
Although you can do a lot of the legwork yourself – you probably don’t have the time, team, equipment or knowhow to carry out a proper corona virus clean that your premises really needs. 
We will completely sanitise your facility using techniques like fogging to get every crack and crevice in the building! 
We can help with any kind of industry, like: – Retail, shopping centres. – Educational facilities like schools and nurseries.  – Office buildings and there workplaces. – Hotels and places to stay. – Restaurants and takeaways.  – Community centres. – Medical facilities like hospitals and dentistries. – Distribution centres and warehouses. – Banks and financial institutions. 

How long does the virus linger for?

Let’s have a look how long the corona virus will generally live on any kind of commercial surface…
Glass – as long as five days. Wood – roughly around four days. Plastic – the same as glass, give days. Steel – usually about three days. Cardboard – shorter at 24 hours. Fabrics – fabrics is also generally around 24 hours.
So as you can see – the virus is a real threat and if it gets into your facility – it’s probably going to linger.  Stay on top of your cleaning by getting your team involved. A more rigorous routine should be employed for sure. Then leave the heavy lifting to a team like DMG – where we can come in and ensure there’s no chance the virus is still hiding in and around your business! 

Read what the CDC say about reopening your facility

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