Shop Floor and Elevator Clean for Zara Norwich


Shop Floor and Elevator Clean for Zara Norwich

The shops have been in and out of lock down now for a year meaning that maintenance won’t have been the main priority and the shop floor will have had time to get dusty and build up grime. 

Zara in Norwich are getting ready to open their doors again this summer so they contracted DMG Cleaning Services to clean their Hard Floors and Escalator. 

Escalators if left uncleaned can be a potential hotspot for germs, people walking on them all day putting their hands on them and also treading everything off the pavement onto them. The volume of people Zara will see in one day means that keeping the Escalator clean is keeping the customers safe. 


Escalators can often seem like a daunting task to clean, and it does come with it’s challenges but we love a challenge. Some of the issues you can run into when cleaning an Escalator are :

  • The Tread on an escalator is a hotspot for dirt and grime from people’s shoes, this can often be deeply ingrained and difficult to remove.
  • Escalators are not one flat surface; they are stairs with grooves and mechanical parts so they require special cleaning products and machines. 
  • If a facility has multiple escalators at different heights and widths
  • The time it takes to clean and Elevator 
  • The downtime from cleaning an Elevator for customers

Usually in cases like this DMG have to devise a plan. We have to time the cleaning perfectly not to disrupt foot traffic or keep disruption to a minimum. This clean took part during lockdown however so that was not necessary.

Cleaned Escalator in Zara Norwich
Clean Floor at Zara in Norwich

As you can see the results turned out great on both the floor and the elevator ready for the happy shoppers come opening time. 

This is not standard procedure for escalator cleaning. If you need high quality escalator cleaning we are happy to lay out an escalator cleaning plan. 

The plan will take into account the foot traffic your escalator takes, the quiet and busy times and also the brand of your escalator. 

We look at all these aspects because it means that your elevator is not getting worn down from poor maintenance and will add years to it’s lifespan and let your customers feel they are in a clean and safe environment in a post lockdown world. 

You can get in touch with us for Escalator, hard floor cleaning or any other variety of commercial and industrial cleaning below. 

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