The Best Service In Bedford


The Best Service In Bedford

We have been operating a commercial cleaning in Bedford service for the last 10 years. Most of our projects take place in Bedford and Milton Keynes – we love these regions. Today, we want to discuss why we continue to be one of the leading commercial cleaning companies in the area. 
It requires being advanced in several fields. We will go through each field one by one. 
Feel free to get in touch with us if you need a no obligation quote. Or, just call if you want some free, friendly advice. 

We’ve continued to operate from Bedford because we love it. Being just 46 miles (74km) miles north-northwest of London is a blessing – we aren’t TOO close but we aren’t too far away either. Getting around the country from such a central position is relatively easy.

Bedford traces its borough charter all the way back to 1166, by Henry II.

1. Quality of service delivery 

Our cleaning service has been refined for over a decade. We use the best machines in the business, with over 50 thousand pounds worth of machines. You can’t expect to properly deep clean a warehouse, factory or large building without the right equipment. You can never catch us without what we need because we have a cleaning equipment sales and rental business. If you need any cleaning machines or equipment, we have what you need! From basic cleaning equipment through to heavy machinery – everything is available!
Anyway. Yes. We use the best machines and equipment around for our cleaning business as we have easy access to everything. Using good equipment ensures a quality clean on any project you require us for. This goes for anything we utilise in our business that reflects on our service for you. We don’t skimp out because we know if you pay cheap, you pay twice. From chemicals, to accounting and invoice software – we always go for the best. 
Like all good cleaning businesses or businesses in general – we work hard to deliver the best service and finish possible. We know that if we do as we say and offer great value – we will continue to get lots of business through referrals. It also means a long list of clients to use as testimonials as well as just generally feeling good about our contribution to the economy and society. 

2. Quality of team

We have a 10 man team. Some of the team have been with us for nearly the decade we’ve been in business. So we’re a tight knit group. The core of the team stays relatively similar throughout the year. This means we have seen a lot in the business – and so has the team operating on a day to day basis. We aren’t a new, inexperienced company. We have ways of cleaning just about anything, especially when some creativity is required! 
Commercial cleaning is relatively seasonal. So there are times in the year where we take on some extra part time workers to help with the demand. We always ensure to take on contractors with a good track record, experience in the field and who fit in with our company values.  
Cleaning is a business where the work itself isn’t necessarily everyone’s deepest passionate desire. We aren’t professional sportsman. So it’s up to us to make the company a great place to work so that cleaning can be fun and fulfilling too. And that’s what we do! When the team are happy and fulfilled working for the company, it reflects on the cleans we carry out for our clients around the area. 
With our small/soon to be medium sized company, we have a few vans that make up the fleet and take our team around the local areas. 

3. Breadth of services

DMG can take care of anything you need us for. Although we specialise in a few types of cleans, which I will get to, we can do just about any commercial cleaning. Again, after 10 years experience, we’ve been to just about every kind of business. We’ve tackled the good the bad and the ugly. 
Our services include: any ‘deep cleaning’, builders cleans, pressure washing, toilets kitchens & washrooms, windows, carpets, restaurants & pubs, warehouses, traditional reach and wash, working with cherry pickers for those hard to get to areas and loads more.
We’ve worked in every kind of business from schools, nurseries, dentists, offices, factories, restaurants, shopping centres, massive building sites, bakeries, banks, retail, churches and more. The list is endless. 

So if you need any kind of cleaning help. Even if it’s just advice. You can feel free to get in touch with DMG. We are always on hand and happy to help with whatever you need. Like all trade type businesses, we provide free quotes so you know what you will get with a service from us.

If you really want to find other cleaners in the area for a second opinion, check out yell cleaners to find another company!

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