The Importance Of Cleaning


The Importance Of Cleaning

Cleaning your premises is one of the most important things you can do for several reasons. This will be a general article as opposed to speaking about a specific kind of commercial business. In future articles we will talk about specific types of commercial businesses and the commercial cleaning they should get for their business. But let’s speak generally about cleaning first. Obviously we complete commercial cleaning in Bedford, hence writing this article. 

Cleaning is good for morale. 

No one likes working in a dirty environment. It’s demoralising. It’s nasty. Humans like to be clean. And we like to work in clean environments. It makes you feel good! It’s no different from taking a shower in the morning, or cleaning your room. It makes you appreciate the environment around you. There’s a reason we like high class, luxury en-suites. And why we wouldn’t want to live in a sewer… due to the cleanliness and environment! This is a perfect reason to keep your business clean – for your team! 
Another classic example is the military. In times of war, you have to keep morale high. If not? You all lack the confidence needed to go to war. How did the sergeants instill high morale? By keeping them clean! 
Even when fighting in the trenches in World War One and Two, soldiers still had to clean themselves and their gear each day. This meant shaving, make shift bathing and cleaning all of their equipment. 
Standing amongst a load of scraggly men would be completely different to standing next to confident, clean and organised men. Being clean and ‘in order’ is simply good for morale. 

Environment is key

If you are making your company work in a dirty environment every day, they are not going to like it. Guaranteed. Give them a place they want to work in. Somewhere they actually want to show up to. 
If you give them a dirty environment, no one will want to work there. Not for a very long time anyway. 
This goes for any kind of commercial business. Be it a commercial kitchen, a warehouse, a haulage business, a school and so on. Everyone wants to work in a clean environment!
Sure, routine and general cleans can take care of a lot of dirtiness… but deeper, commercial cleans will take your cleaning to the next level. Depending on the business you have will depend how many deep cleans you can get away with each year.  
We won’t be unreasonable and say you need one every week. But many businesses could benefit from AT LEAST a deep clear a year. No matter the kind of business. Every office, nursery, school, factory and warehouse should be getting a deep clean at least once a year. Then obviously there are businesses like kitchens that could do with more regular deep cleans due to the prevalent safety hazards. 


Sure, cleaning looks good and has loads of mental benefits. But one of the main benefits is relieving yourself of potential safety hazards. Carpets come to mind. If you never deep clean your carpets, you are in for trouble. Carpets look great. But they are susceptible to absorbing dirt, dust and germs. You can see it clearly if you touch a carpet in sunlight. Germs and dust materialise from seemingly nowhere. 
Obviously, If your commercial premises is riddled with dust and germ, your staff are likely to get ill, have time off sick and dislike working at your company. Time off sick means a less productive work force. This is lose-lose! 


If you have a pub, retail premises or any kind of customer facing business – dirtiness will turn your customers off. They want to shop in a clean environment. Your environment directly reflects your standards across your whole company. If I walk into a dirty pub, I instantly assume the food will be cooked in a dirty kitchen and the pub has low standards. 
This might not even be the case! It could just that the owner has had their busiest period and are getting to it soon. Nonetheless, perception is reality – and customers will still assume your unkept environment stretches across all sectors of your business. 
There’s a reason companies like Apple have nice, sleek and clean looking premises. It attracts people. They want to spend time there, sampling the products and speaking to the geniuses. 

Wrapping up

That’s it for now. These are all fairly mundane and obvious reasons for getting your premises deep cleaned, but they’re worth reminding yourself of them. Keep morale high, keep your environment clean, be safe and protect your sales. In the coming weeks we will be speaking more specifically about different types of cleaning we carry out. That’s it for now! 

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