Tips For Writing Great Posts That Increase Your Site Traffic


Tips For Writing Great Posts That Increase Your Site Traffic

Want to know how to increase the web traffic to your cleaning website? Well, a blog is a great way of doing that! We’ve improved our web traffic tenfold by writing content and linking to other pages in our website.

So, we’re going to write some basic tips on writing blog content, getting more local traffic and making more commercial cleaning sales!

We’re going to utilise the first tip right now. Internally link to another page on your website from your blog article. Be descriptive of that page so that Google knows what that page is all about! So, we could say, hire us for window cleaning in Bedford – we have the best cleaning business in the area!

Internal links are very powerful, especially for Local SEO – where your other cleaning competitors aren’t likely to have a great strategy. This is just one of many easy ways to get ahead of the competition! By linking to pages we want to rank in Google, we can more easily communicate to Google what that page is all about. It effectively “powers up” that page. Make sure to not internally link to a page too much. A handful of times should do it – and use different anchor text (the text which the link is created from) each time for variation!

It helps to add your internal link higher up the page as Google favours links found higher up the page.

Write about something you know

As you’re also a commercial cleaner, hopefully you know about this topic. Write about something you know about within this industry. That could be anything from a local case study you recently created and want to document – or it could be about specific equipment or a method of cleaning.

If you don’t know much about a specific topic that will interest your readers, you could invite an expert to write about it.

Speak to your audience

You know your audience better than anyone else, so keep them in mind as you write your blog posts. Write about things they care about. If you have a company Facebook page, look here to find topics to write about. See what people ask you about, what their concerns are and so on.

Make the post useful, to the point and something worth reading.

Take a few moments to plan your post

Once you have a great idea for a post, write the first draft. Some people like to start with the title and then work on the paragraphs. Other people like to start with subtitles and go from there. Choose the method that works for you. Either way, make sure to split up your content with a logical H tag structure. If you have 6 headings, to keep it simple, you can simply use H1 through to H6 for each heading. Or, you can just use an H1 for the title, with H3s for your subheadings. Most SEO research determines that it’s not that important and not going to be a major factor how you order your heading tags. I say just keep it logical!

Don’t forget SEO best practises, like adding a meta description, some tags, a suitable category and a nice friendly title.

Edit carefully before posting

Make sure your post is easily readable and actually providing value. While you can simply post it and come back to it, it’s worth being patient and giving it a day or two before finally posting. Have a friend or colleague look it over to make sure there are no mistakes. When your post is error-free, set it up in your blog and publish.

Clean external links

It’s a good idea to put an external link at the bottom of your article. We want an internal link at the top, as we want to pass power to a ranking page. However, having an external link is also a good idea because it shows we are relevant to the industry we are trying to rank in. So, for example, our website is ranking for commercial cleaning services throughout Bedford and other central areas in England. Accordingly, I’m going to search for some of our main keywords and find websites that rank highly that I can link out to.

Importantly, I don’t want to link to a direct competitor, but there might be an aggregator site or informational site that I can link to. That way, we’re being relevant and linking to something that is likened to what we want to rank for – but we stop ourselves from boosting up the competition. Here’s an example for this post in particular. Find more window cleaners on the free index – we’re there and you can see more local window cleaning professionals!

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