Top 5 Problems a Post-Building Clean Will Fix


Top 5 Problems a Post-Building Clean Will Fix

Who doesn’t love home improvements? Ok, there’s the stress of organising the builders and decorators, the plumbers and joiners. But isn’t it worth all the hassle? When, after a few days or weeks of hard graft, you get to admire their handiwork: be it a new conservatory or spacious attic conversion. Or in our case, larger, more substantial builds. We’ve cleaned the likes of large civil engineering road projects, through to house builds and other developments. However, when we’re in the planning process or daydreaming about homely expansion, or a grand new development, there’s one thing we don’t consider. Before we jump into the article, you can call us for builders cleans – we operate in areas like Bedford, Cambridge, Oxford, Milton Keynes, St Albans and any other local area!

The dust and the mess…

Builders are a talented bunch, but they’re not necessarily the cleanest. Once they’ve moved out, any construction site or build will likely have a healthy coating of dust (enough to make a creaky castle look polished). And that’s without mentioning the dirty carpets and scuffed skirting boards. When you’ve had sturdy boots walking in and out, day after day, your home will be in dire need of a bit of TLC. 

That’s where the post-building clean comes in. 

In this post, we’ll consider the five problems a building clean will fix, so you don’t have to stress.

The leftovers

Walking through the aftermath of a building site is a little like spending an afternoon at the garbage dump. The place looks like a bomb just hit it. There’s plastic sheeting and drop cloths covering the place; nails, bolts and screws litter the floor; scrap ends of tape hanging off the wall, and then there are the widgets which don’t seem to belong anywhere. 

No one wants to be left to pick up the mess. Even if the construction crew keeps things tidy, building is a messy business. They can’t remember everything. A thorough post-building clean will clear away this detritus leaving the room safe and clean, particularly useful if you’ve got small children wandering about. 

Revive carpets

Carpets feel lovely beneath your feet. But that thick fluffy coat sucks in dust and wooden splinters. The last thing anyone wants when they’re walking along is to find a splinter sticking out their foot, or their socks filthy with dust. Plus, with work boots scuffing the carpet, they’re likely to be looking a little worse for wear from all the traffic. However, a good shampooing and deep-steam cleaning can turn a bedraggled carpet around. It’ll remove footprints and dust, leaving it good as new. 

Walls and skirting

Depending on the work, the builders have likely lugged heavy equipment or tools into your homes. Skirting boards can be scuffed and walls smudged. With a cleaning service with an eye for detail, these marks can be painted and patched. Walls can be cleaned. You’ll never know they were there.

The nooks and crevices

Dust gets everywhere. It gets into all the crevices you’d never think to look: but a cleaning service would – down the side of cabinets and wardrobes and on top of drawers. A post-building cleaner will use a flashlight to inspect all the areas, to ensure not a scrap of dust remains.

The final touches

You’ve likely paid a substantial amount on the building work. As such, you want to see the finished work at its absolute best. Door handles need to be polished, window frames gleaming. Everywhere needs to be wiped down with an attention to detail exclusive to the professionals. 

Don’t waste time and effort doing it yourself. Hire a post-building cleaning service and rest easy.

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