Warehouse Cleaning IS important!


Warehouse Cleaning IS important!

Companies that incorporate warehouses into their supply chain often have very particular cleaning needs. You often have custom machinery, rare equipment and very business-specific products. 

Also, not very many warehouses are THAT similar. Well, they certainly are not the same anyway. Each warehouse has its own problems to overcome in order to function correctly. This usually means that the cleaning of the warehouse suffers because of the sheer size and scale of the building and operating. It’s hard to stay on top of. You have hundreds of things to think about… Cleaning is just one more thing on top! 

Cleaning a warehouse is a big job usually. So we can’t blame companies for not really wanting to tackle the problem. Between the machines, the walls, the ceilings, flooring, work areas and more – everything gets dirty. Everywhere accumulates dirt and dust. Then, you get a dirty work environment which leads to problems throughout the whole business. A random, light clean does not work for most warehouses. Your team doesn’t have enough time to tackle the sheer size of what is in front of them. 
That’s why companies like DMG exist! We’re a commercial cleaning business in Bedford who have cleaned hundreds of different warehouses and factories. One of our specialities is taking a dirty warehouse and returning it to you in impeccable state. We can do one off deep cleans, or continual cleaning contracts to stay on top of any dirt accumulating in your premises.

The right tools and equipment 

Thankfully, we have a sistering company which rents out commercial cleaning equipment to other cleaning firms. We always have the equipment necessary for any warehouse. After dealing with cleaning in all its many forms, we have the skills, tools and experience to deliver the best possible cleaning outcome imaginable. Having the right machinery really helps us to get a great outcome each and every time. Using the wrong tools is a recipe for disaster. No efficiency. Damage caused to your warehouse and other annoying problems that can arise. We never let it come to this!

Cleaning your flooring 

Warehouse floors are extremely tough. They are often made from concrete or brick, meaning they can withstand a lot of punishment. This is good for a long lasting flooring, but it does not mean the floor is immune to getting dirty. Solid flooring like concrete means that your flooring should be in operating for a long time though. 

Hopefully you have not forgotten about your flooring. It is essential to be cleaned. Yes, we know it’s a headache, but it’s a necessity. This can also lead to a massive safety risk. Think about all the oil, grease and other substances sloshing about the warehouse that are getting spilled and simply brushed aside or mopped. Your floor is not truly clean after these light wipes. Dust and dirt also builds up on your flooring which can secretly make it slippy and contribute to wear and tear on your machines. 

Our largest priority when cleaning your floor is safety. Sure, everyone wants their premises to look great, but the most important thing with your warehouse flooring is certainly safety. As the premises isn’t customer facing, we don’t have to put much emphasis on making things gleam, which is good for everyone involved. To clean your floor correctly, we put an emphasis on the correct products (as mentioned), making sure to eradicate chemicals, dirt, spillage, stains and anything else unwanted for your flooring. Your floor will be rejuvenated – like it was when new! Of course, this means you don’t have to worry about getting your staff to worry about it. Commercial floor cleaning is truly one of our specialities! 

Deep cleaning supports hygiene! 

It sounds like sales jargon from a cleaning company, but a cleaning work environment and business productivity is undeniable. The facts are there. First of all is the mind clarity. It is simply easier to work in an organised environment compared to a dirty chaotic environment. Even if you are super organised, if everything is really dirty, it’s still going to be an issue. 
A proper deep clean is one of the best ways to eradicate germs in your premises. If not the very best. You get rid of built up bacteria and germs which cause disease and illness. With all of the Corona Virus talk… Your staff would appreciate a deep cleanse of the work space! Obviously, less dirt and germs is going to mean less days off, which every business should strive for. No one wants to get sick. We take the approach of chemical free cleaning so as not to remove one problem and introduce another. Using chemical free equipment is also good for the environment. Obviously and unfortunately, we all get sick eventually, but there’s no need to promote sickness by not being clean. 

Deep cleaning shows you value your team

If your staff know you don’t want to invest in making their work space cleaner, they will resent that. Especially those that really want to work in a clean environment, which you can guarantee you have a few of those within the team. However, if you take care of your work space, you are telling your employees that you value them and what they are doing. You are showing them that you want to put them in a nice environment. People feeling valued is very important if you want them to be productive and valuable. It’s a sign of respect to your team and that you are giving back. 
Hiring an external cleaning company also saves your team from doing it, which is generally a laborious task (leave it to us! We’re professionals!). You’re also allowing them to work on their main task as well rather than forcing them to deviate into cleaning, meaning a more productive workforce at the same time. 

The efficiency in having a professional team like DMG come in every now and then is unrivalled compared to either getting your team to do it or simply not getting a deep clean at all. We can be in and out, completed within a day or two and you need not worry about it until your warehouse is dirty again.

Contact us if you need help. We’re always fine to have an in-depth conversation about your specifications. This goes for how regularly you need cleans, how to operate effectively within your warehouse business set up and more.

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